57th Venice Biennale

Walking and boating through tourists-saturated Venice to catch as much as possible of the Biennale exhibitions, openings and parties is a tall order. The feeling of having missed too much despite the effort is overwhelming, as the event seems to be growing exponentially with each edition. As any large exhibition, the current Biennale shows an array of very good works. Remarkably so, it also proposes the affirmative inclusion of prominent senior artists, which reveals much needed due respect to essential contributions to contemporary art languages. However, the central exhibition curated by Centre Pompidou curator Christine Macel seems to reenact... Read The Rest →

Telling Time: A refreshing edition of the ‘Bamako Encounters: African Biennale of Photography’ in Mali

Under the artistic directorship of Bisi Silva and a curatorial team formed by herself,  Yves Chatap and Antwan Byrd, the 10th edition of the Biennale – reborn after a 4 year gap due to the armed conflict – examines the concept of time through lens media production in Africa and the diaspora   The central exhibition at the National Museum of Mali, ‘Telling Time’ approaches past present and future in photographs and videos by 39 selected artists from an open call.             Exhibitions around the city... Read The Rest →

‘Truth: Women, Creativity and Memory of Slavery’ symposium

‘Truth: Women, Creativity and Memory of Slavery’ – Symposium organized  by the UN at Fordham University, New York This month I participated in this event, organized by the United Nations in the framework of ‘Remember Slavery Program’. A panel of scholars and artists presented their contributions on the remarkable roles that women played during the times of slavery in the Americas. Among other papers, Dr Deborah Willis (NYU) presented an ensemble of stunning photographs that document the lives of African Americans during and after slavery. I focused my presentation on Afro Brazilian artist Rosana Paulino’s work... Read The Rest →

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